## Code My favorite tools are [Visual Studio Professional](https://www.visualstudio.com) and [Vim](http://www.vim.org/). I am falling in love with [Visual Studio Code](https://code.visualstudio.com), thanks to excellent plugins such as [VsCode Vim Plugin](https://github.com/VSCodeVim/Vim). I have written a lot of code. You can read some of it online. ## Large software projects [MyGoal.space](https://mygoal.space) is my online task tool that puts the focus on goals and long term vision. This product is not open source, at this time. [Firefly SSN Finder](https://github.com/cites-illinois/Firefly) is a fork of Cornell Spider that I did useability and memory management improvements to for the University of Illinois. I believe that Cornell Spider has integrated the best of my improvements into the core product, during the time since I did this work. This work also set the de-facto user experience for several commercial products published in the years since. [Minion](https://github.com/edthedev/minion) is a note taker and task organizer. It achieves a fast user interface while still using only flat files for storage. It has a variety of interfaces, but I used it primarily from the command line or from within Vim (it includes a Vim plugin). ## Arduino Microcomputer I write Arduino micro controller applications for fun. My [Bicycle Speedometer](https://github.com/edthedev/arduino-bike-speed) uses only about 8 dollars worth of hardware and some code to achieve what you could otherwise buy at Meijer for about 8 dollars. The [Big Red Button](https://github.com/edthedev/bigredbutton) adds an appropriate amount of theater to the sometimes underwhelming professional event 'hitting enter and then waiting'. ## Pebble Before I wrote my [Binary Clock Watch Face](https://github.com/edthedev/BinaryClock), there were only 30 others on the Pebble app store! I wrote [Lift! for Pebble](https://apps.getpebble.com/en_US/application/569d35184da1717a1f000043) ([Source Code](https://github.com/edthedev/LiftPebble)) because none of the existing apps quite matched my usage pattern of 'Lift heavy thing. Push button to increment counter. Rest. Lift heavy thing.' ## Miscellaneous Smaller Solutions [Chrome Notification for Team Foundation Server](tfsNotify.html) [Time Reporting Tool used at University of Illinois](https://github.com/edthedev/time_reporting) bring bureaucratic data entry to the command line, where it feels most at home. [30 Day Shopping](https://github.com/edthedev/30-day-shopping) is a simple web app for tracking whether I have yet wanted a particular toy for 30 days. It is about as complex to write as 'Todo List', but more fun, when adopting a new framework. So I have written this about 5 times. Some versions have more gold plating than others. [Graph Kiva Microloan Repayments](https://github.com/edthedev/kiva_graphs) uses JavaScript and the Kiva loan API to make pictures out of loan repayments. This is meant to be a responsibilty tool. The theory is that a loan repaid on time is an indication that the loan recipient actually benefitted from the loan. [Dice Roller](https://bitbucket.org/edthedev/diceroller/src) let's players simply visit the page, push buttons, and see eachother's rolls. This is another project that is fun to rewrite with the [latest interesting trend](https://www.raymondcamden.com/2016/08/11/how-many-days-since-the-last-javascript-framework/). ## Other Contributions I have minor commits accepted into [Kivy](https://kivy.org/), [Angular.js](https://angularjs.org/) and [A leading Vim plugin for Visual Studio Code](https://github.com/VSCodeVim/Vim).