Interactive Pixel Art

Every visitor experiences a unique new piece of pixel art.

I created these using the P5.js library.

Try clicking the art. Some of them interact.

June 2021 Sketches

Square Weave - June 29

Square Weave Square Weave

Square Weave

A less complex path algorithm, simpler background and squares within squares brings this close to where I first envisioned it.

80s Weave - June 28

June 28 Sketch - 80s Weave

June 28 Sketch - 80s Weave

Using various angles other than 90 degres for the line paths was interesting - but it proved too busy for re-use in later sketches. Notice that the next sketch sticks to 90 degree angles.

Dots and Boxes

June 18 Sketch Preview

June 18 - Dots and Boxes

This quick tribute to 80s Pop Art is also a demonstration that I am getting a bit more comfortable controling the animation sequence.

Most notably, for this piece I start and stop the animation exactly when I want to.


June 12 Sketch Preview


The most obvious change in this piece of pixel art is that the tree growth is now visibly animated.

To achieve this, I created a trivial animation plan tracking algorithm. It stacks function calls into an array and plays them back slowly enough that the viewer can watch the algorithm work.

Behind the scenes, I also began re-working the existing shared code into small re-usable libraries.

This required an interesting change to the site generation template, which you can see here.

May 2021 Skethes

May 20 - Snowy Day

May 20 Sketch Preview

The random effects are managed quite differently in this piece, because the entire canvas has to be redrawn with every frame.

So there's extra work in the code preventing the window frame color from changing, and the sun from flickering across the sky.

It was pretty adorable when the snowman's arms were flailing randomly, I have to admit.

May 11 - Candle

May 11 Sketch Preview May 11 Sketch Preview May 11 Sketch Preview

My recent meditation theme has been on slowing down.

May 11 Sketch - Candle

May 6 - Tree

May 8 Sketch Preview May 8 Sketch Preview May 8 Sketch Preview

This was an interesting technical challenge to create random branching rules that feel natural.

May 8 Sketch - Tree

May 2 - Waves

May 2 Sketch Preview May 2 Sketch Preview May 2 Sketch Preview

This is the first sketch where I felt confident enough to try a non-abstract subject.

May 2 Sketch - Waves

April 2021 Sketches

The abstract pieces below are loosely based on actual sketches I have drawn.

The final live art has very little in common with the original sketches due to my limited mastery of JavaScript as an art medium.

April 25 Sketch Preview

April 25 Sketch

April 18 Sketch Preview April 18 Sketch Preview

April 18 Sketch

December 2020 Sketches

Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths

Bouncing in Boxes

Bouncing in Boxes

Bouncing in Boxes


Weave Art Screenshot Weave Art Screenshot

Stark Weave Pattern

Strange Weave

Strange Weave Screenshot Strange Weave Screenshot

Strange Weave Pattern


Creative Commons License
The source code to this art is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You may use and remix this code, as long as you give attribution to Edward Delaporte.

The artwork, itself, is Copyright of Edward Delaporte, 2021.