I Wrote Some Code

I have written a lot of code.

For some of my recent professional work, you can browse my GitHub.

If you're curious about the variety of my experience, follow the links you find here.

My Code

I started programming in the 1980s, so retro code will always have a place in my heart.

My weekend coding for fun includes:

I cannot pay back the debts I owe to those who helped me grow as a programmer, but I can pay it foward by helping others.

Here are some resources I have created to help others learn to code.

I do a decent amount of programming in my free time Just to make my life easier. Don't expect mature open source projects, these are quick utilities.

I also do a decent amount of coding that simply amuses me. These aren't even good ideas, but I wanted them so I wrote them.

My Small Contributions to Big Projects

I have contributed in small ways to some big projects.

Thanks to GitHub listing them under my Arctic Vault Contributor profile badge, I know some of the most prominent packages that have accepted my pull requests. I don't remember exact details. I do recall that I have addressed some obnoxious errors with relatively trivial changes.

In may favorite case, I helped address an issue that had suffered months of optimization debate. My pull requst added a new message that said simply "This step may take upwards of ten minutes on the first run. Maybe go get a coffee."

I still sometimes reflect on the number of new users happily drinking a coffee instead of debugging and then re-opening that same issue.