X16 Emulator on Raspberry Pi

This recipe worked for me on Raspbian on a Pi 4.

Install dependencies

Install the dependencies. Run these commands with sudo.

apt install make cc65 git
apt install libsdl2-dev

Update: I ran into this issue, and so I removed cc64 via apt and installed version 2.19 from source instead. I posted more details on that issue.

Build the software

This recipe creates the x16emu executable at ~/x16/x16-emulator/x16emu. If you decide to move it, be sure to also move rom.bin.

Build the ROM.

mkdir -p ~/x16

cd ~/x16
git clone https://github.com/commanderx16/x16-rom.git
cd x16-rom

Build the emulator.

cd ~/x16
git clone https://github.com/commanderx16/x16-emulator.git
cd x16-emulator

Copy the ROM to the emulator folder.

cp ~/x16/x16-rom/build/x16/rom.bin ~/x16/x16-emulator/

Further Reading