Learn 2 Code - Edward Delaporte's Guide

MIT Scratch

MIT Scratch is the original block based code learning environment.

I think it's still the most feature complete. The ability to add animations, backgrounds and custom recorded sounds makes this a stronger creative toy than a lot of others.

Scratch also has a built in video tutorial series that explores a bunch of great computer science concepts.

Let me know if you enjoy my humble Scratch creations.

MakeCode Arcade & Meowbit

Kids need shelter, food, love, and a hand-held video game player that they can write their own games for.

MeowBit is a hand-held video game that a kid can write code for using a snap-block language.

Even without the device, kids can get started using the online emulator and MakeCode Arcade Tutorials.

I made a game called Monkey Treasure Hunt.

And a better game than mine:

Robots in MineTest

If I told you there was a free clone of MineCraft that allowed players to build and program robots, would you even finish reading this page?

Everyone should get to play with Robots in MineTest.

Create Retro Python Games using Pyxel

Pyxel is a retro game platform that supports coding in Python. Unlike other Python game libraries, Pyxel provides a curated experience for new game developers.

I have created a few Pyxel Tutorials.

Minecraft Puzzles

For a cool guided learning experience, consider Minecraft on Code.org - a fantastic guided learn-to-code series.

It has a Minecraft theme, stars YouTube celebrities, and has a plot. Along the way, kids get to control Steve while programming a robot ally to solve puzzles.

Note that this is a two-dimensional game. For a full 3D experience, try out MineTest with Robots.


Code.org also has a lot more than just Minecraft puzzles.

Real Robots!!! with BBC Micro:Bit

For about $60.00 (one MicroBit and one CuteBot), your kid can have a robot trucking around the room, following code they wrote. Consider getting an extra MicroBit to act as a remote control via Bluetooth.

BBC Micro:Bit is currently the most afordable hardware I have found that can run block code.

It comes with bunch of LEDs, a couple of buttons, a bluetooth radio, and a connector for an always growing set of add-on boards.

CuteBot is currently my favorite affordable robot frame.


P5.js is a fun web-based way to experiment with both JavaScript and drawing with code at the same time.

You can read the source code of my live interactive art for some ideas.

Advanced Topics