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Edward Delaporte has been writing web software professionally since the year 2000; and he still enjoys working with "the technology of the future".

Edward has written software with a plethora of different tools. His current favorites include Python, PowerShell, Go and Commodore BASIC. Edward consults on software development lifecycle security and makes art with code.

At previous conferences, Edward has presented on Git, Ansible, React, and more, connecting the dots between usability, accessibility, security, and development lifecycles.

Ask Edward how code pipelines can ‘make our worst workday a much better day.’

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Edward has been managing IT professionals since 2011, and has led teams ranging in size from 2 to 11 people. Edward helps his mentees see beyond their assumptions to recognize their strengths and career possibilities.

Edward's proudest moments are when he gets to listen to his former mentees teach others, and learn from them at the same time.

You may enjoy asking Edward what juggling fire taught him about information technology.

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